Black Belt Classes

choi-master-choi-jump-side-kickChoi Tae Kwon Do black belt classes are held on the 2nd Saturday of each month at 3:00 PM (unless otherwise noted).  Open to Choi TKD blackbelts only.


Warm Up –

Led by SBN Elmer Gonzales – Focus was on doing different exercises than we normally do for warm up.

* Variation on suicides; arm circles while in KimaJashae;

*Push up in Plan position then move twice to left, come back to right and then 4 push ups; single leg hops on each side;

*X5 each leg front kick each side >don’t put leg down > leg/knee up and pump it > don’t put leg down > from standing position kick and pull back.



Class –

* Worked on 3-Step Sparring – Review of 1,2,3 with no Partner, multiple times across floor.

* Worked on 3-Step Sparring – 4,5,6.

* Thought planning to cover Black Belt type start at each block, the class actually needed a lot of work on getting the correct block and step. Actually, 1,2,3 3-Step were fine by comparison to how sloppy 4,5,6 looked.

* We did 3-Step Sparraing 4,5,6 with No Partner; with Partner;  Line Partners one after another; Line Partners where I attacked each time so I could see & feel their blocks. Pointed out where they needed work.

* The class needed work on knowing what the target was supposed to be.  When they did hit the target, it was not consistent on Hand Position, Foot Position or Stances.

Forms –

* Bassai – just a couple of times.

Comment(s) –

1) SBN Julio Martinez should probably lead one of our upcoming classes.  He does recall a lot of what was taught by Master Choi and other Black Belts. It would be good to see him lead class to see how good he is at that, and then offer any pointers.

2) You already sent out an e-mail about training on Friday (after Thanksgiving). Everyone wanted to know, so I guess there is a strong

interest in Friday training.


SBN Elmer

If you’re in the Chicago area, call Edward today, 708-524-2792, or come visit a class!

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